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How did we live without them? A celebration of simple inventions...

My improved mouse trap played a gloating recorded message: “Got you, you little b*****!”.

Toxic Friendships

Sorbet magazine friendship issue. Hell is other people. So why have you got them on speed-dial?
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Top tips on how to survive Channel 4's Hunted

That would usefully remind us that “the innocent have nothing to fear” but “innocent” can be redefined at any time.
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Forget high-tech ascents of Everest, imagine climbing in tweed and hobnails with red wine

With snow, high winds and thin air, Mount Everest is a health and safety nightmare. It's all sat maps and oxygen today, but go back to the 1800s and it was just man versus mountain.
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Hammock heaven: Hang loose this summer

Get into a hammock and you’ll feel the yammering, target-driven world go away like a mad preacher moving down your train to the next carriage.
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Word to the wise: The English language and its neglected treasures

EVERY year Webster’s, Collins and other big, swinging dictionaries announce tiresome new words such as vaping, twerking and Bitcoin. Yawn.
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Garden Wars: The art of tolerating your neighbours

Elderly Marian Webster cut up her neighbours’ flowerbeds with secateurs, believing they had trained a squirrel to vandalize her garden at night.
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Heckling is now becoming a dying art form

WE’RE truly house trained citizens now, aren’t we? It was contemptible when you look at Britain’s history of rough-and tumble public meetings.
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How to leave your lover: Depart from your other half in style

Divorce lawyers cannot legally offer a "no win, no fee" service. Instead they work on a strict "no pain, no gain" basis.
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How to be a Master Crook

I always had more time for Goldfinger than James Bond as he creeps around the world like a homicidal school-prefect.
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Nigel Burke

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